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        The Better Living Program

        The Better Living Program is a 11-year action plan by Electrolux that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. Its focus is an evolving list of 100 bold actions that we pledge to undertake by 2030. These actions represent our commitment to the four clear targets we have defined across the categories of Better Eating, Better Garment Care, Better Home Environment and Better Company.

        100 Actions

        The centrepiece of the Better Living Program is a list of actions that we are committed to implementing over 11 years. The list will develop over time: by 2030, it will contain 100 actions - each of them helping to steer us towards our four main targets.

        The actions include collaborations with partners, industry experts, respected change-makers - even other brands - around the globe. Because it's impossible to spark sweeping change without looking beyond yourselves.

        2030 Targets

        Better Eating Better Eating
        Better Eating Better Eating

        We aim to inspire more people to eat in a way that benefits both people and planet. This means helping to optimize the nutritional value of what people eat while showing how enjoyable it can be to incorporate more sustainable ingredients - particularly plant-based options. We also want to help reduce food waste in every way we can. 

        2030 Target: Make sustainable eating the preferred choice

        Better Garment Care Better Garment Care

        By modernising care technology and inspiring better care habits for all fabrics, we aim to prolong the average life of garments while reducing the environmental impact of aftercare by up to half. We also want to contribute to more sustainable fashion consumption models.

        2030 Target: Make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact.

        Better Garment Care Better Garment Care
        Better Home Environment Better Home Environment
        Better Home Environment Better Home Environment

        Working towards this target we will accelerate the development of solutions that enable more people to achieve healthier homes in a more sustainable way.

        2030 Target: Make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart solutions for air, water and floors

        Better Company Better Company

        Through more responsible production, sourcing and solutions, we aim to make our manufacturing climate neutral while running zero-waste factories. We want to develop our products in line with UN climate action goal and we will seek to offer business models and designs that optimise use of resources.

        2030 Target: Make our business climate neutral and circular.

        Better Company Better Company


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