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        Home, Kitchen & Electrical Appliances
        100 Years of Better Living
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        Home, Kitchen & Electrical Appliances

        Swedish thinking. Better living.

        Home, Kitchen & Electrical Appliances
        Special Promotion

        Home, Kitchen & Electrical Appliances
        Gives You Confidence
        to Create Great Tastes
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        UltimateCare? Series UltimateCare? Series

        We keep treasured pieces looking new for longer so that you can be proud to wear them as often as you like. Colours stay vibrant and fabrics stay soft, whilest having the minimal possible impact on the environment around us.

        UltimateCare? Series UltimateCare? Series

        The Best of Both Worlds Designed for The Way We Live Today. The Best of Both Worlds Designed for The Way We Live Today.

        A cordless that will leave your entre home impeccably clean on a single charge with the performance of a traditional vacuum cleaner.

        Designed for The Way We Live Today. Designed for The Way We Live Today.

        Product Registration Great Deals Product Registration Great Deals

        To enjoy peace of mind register your Electrolux product for warranty coverage.

        Great Deals Great Deals

        Celebrate this season with special promotion!


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